Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Satan Meant for Evil...

A strong pounding interrupted last week’s women’s Bible study at the Dream Center!   When the door was opened, there stood a woman, tears streaming down a face that had obviously been badly beaten, “My house burned down and we lost everything!  May I please use the phone to call the Red Cross?”

Caroline was immediately embraced by the women, prayed for and given a few items to meet her needs until we had time to collect more things she, her husband and her two small sons needed.

On Tuesday, I drove happily back to the Dream Center with my little blue VW Beetle filled with clothes, food, diapers, etc.!

Bad news/good news

The BAD news:
 It was discovered that Caroline and her husband were not telling the truth.   Not only was the burned house story a scam but they were caught “training” others how to “work” the Dream Center.

The GOOD news: 
The sweet ladies in the Bible study were blessed with items they need and the remainder of the things collected will be distributed to families in need at our Saturday Family Fun Day!

The even BETTER news: 
What Satan meant for evil, God is using for good!  Two people who desperately need Jesus are being prayed for!

A sweet Whisper drifted across my heart, “I died to set them free!”

May Almighty God give these lost ones new hearts to know Jesus
and changed lives to serve Him.  May He grant us the 
opportunity to love and disciple Caroline.
In Jesus' great name!!!

Please pray right now for Caroline and her family!

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