Saturday, August 28, 2010

Annette Stonger

 Annette grew up in Oregon and put her faith in Jesus when she was 11. A self-proclaimed "church" girl, she is the oldest of three children and confesses to exercising early leadership gifts, specifically concentrating in "bossiness". Annette's parents and spiritual role models have had a major impact on her faith as well as being her biggest encouragers.

Annette graduated from Bethany University with a B.A. in English, but oddly enough she has spent most of her working years in the accounting field. She has lived in various parts of the United States, including California, Texas, Washington and her native Oregon. She has lived in Indiana since 2001 when her husband, a true Hoosier, moved his business to Indiana.

Annette, mom to three children ranging from 9-19 years, is currently on sabbatical from the money-making world and manages the household affairs, with special expertise in saving her husband money with her purchases. She has had multiple opportunities to use her English degree over the years. When not editing her children's writing or correcting their speech, Annette has employed her writing skills for Divine Lines and intermittent blog-writing.

God has used Annette's brokenness from a painful divorce in 1998 to reach out to other women who are experiencing this same heartache. With overwhelming gratitude, Annette feels truly blessed to have been remarried to her wonderful husband and best friend, Tony since 2000. God has used this broken, unusable (or so she thought) church girl to help lead a ministry to women called Roof-Crashers who are seeking connection with other women on their faith journey.

Annette desires to inspire and encourage other women through her writing. She knows that God can use anything and everything that occurs in women's lives for His purpose and to bring Him glory. She knows for a fact that while life happens to everyone, God will not waste anything if truly given to Him for divine purposes.

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