Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rebecca Figert

Rebecca Figert is the Manager for Main Stream and she also contributes to the blog as a Divine Lines author.  Rebecca considers herself an amateur in just about every area of her life: marriage, parenting, blogging, photography, writing, etc.. A good thing about her self perspective is that she is motivated to constantly learn, engage, and grow as a wife, a mother, and in her recreational interests. Although she is a veteran believer and Christ-follower, she greatly desires to never become apathetic or indifferent in her relationship with Jesus; instead, she longs to deepen her love for Him by sharing His love with others. Without Jesus, she believes that she will be unable to mature as a person much less as a wife, mother, or friend. Rebecca tends to be conversational and has a writing style others can relate to easily. She has been told that one of her most outstanding qualities is joy. Since a teenager, she has clung tightly to the Bible verse Nehemiah 8:10 "The joy of the Lord is my strength." and she prays that God uses her to touch others with a bit of joy.

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i wanted to say thanks for being such a loving, caring friend to my sister-in-law Karen. I was my pleasure to meet you as brief as that was. Tom

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