Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Proper Encouragement

For those of you in Bloomington that have walked or run from Sherwood Park to Olcott Park, you know that the climb to get from one park to the other is a rather long, steep one.  Yesterday while running, I came to that hill.  Hill is such a mild term to describe it and it is not technically a mountain, so I guess I could call it a hilltain--it's a booger-of-a-climb, no doubt!  About half way up, a kind face with a warm smile met me as she hiked down the hilltain and she cheerfully encouraged me with a simple "Good job!".  I seriously felt like I could have run, full sprint up a real mountain after her sincere words of affirmation.  I was encouraged to the core!

As a result, I began to feel compelled to encourage someone else.  I thought to myself "Why can't I do that too?"  When I see a fellow sister working her tail off in efforts to scale her latest hilltain, a genuine remark of consolation could go a long way (which, of course, is not limited to merely running).  Are we not all sojourners in this world--running a spiritual marathon to our heavenly home?  Hebrews eleven describes the great men and women of faith in which their life perspective is clearly defined in verse thirteen:
"All these people died still believing what God had promised them. They did not receive what was promised, but they saw it all from a distance and welcomed it. They agreed that they were foreigners and nomads here on earth."

Therefore, since in this world, we share with others the common striving toward eternity, then we ought to empathize with one another and give encouragement generously.

April is someone who came to my mind immediately when I thought of encouragers.  How appropriate that I attempt to encourage her in light of the fact that she encourages others.  Actually, I think some of you out there may find that her story encourages you!  April is a mother of two young children and her husband is overseas on military duty.  Instead of sinking into the defeated mode of  being completely overwhelmed (which I, personally, would be insanely overwhelmed if I were in her shoes), she does what she can with what she has by using her interests to inspire other women.  She is very honest and practical in helping moms, in particular, find confidence in themselves through fashionable yet personal and affordable attire.  I have personally enjoyed reading April's blog--she inspires and encourages me!  Her blog is called Strawberry Blond LeopardKeep up the great work, April!  You are doing a fabulous job!
Let's be ready to encourage someone today!  A little kindness goes a long way!

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Great reminder, Rebecca, to be an encourager!

Hope you read the comments, April. I am so PROUD of you for your positive, life-giving attitude during your husbands deployment! Thank you! to both you and your husband for your sacrifices in serving the people of the USA! May the Lord watch between you while you are absent one from another (Gen. 31:49). God bless you!!!!!
And God bless the USA!

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