Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guest Writer

Jenni Weatherbee

A few weeks ago, we had our leadership retreat for Roof-Crashers to signify the beginning of our new semester. I was really excited, since RC always means great fellowship and good food! Plus, I was just ready to be back.

In usual fashion, we filled our plates with food before the meeting started. Right around the “welcome back” mark, I somehow managed to catch the edge of my plate with my forearm which caused my plate to flip towards me. All my food landed either in my lap, or on the floor by my chair. Sigh. Amy Lanham was sitting next to me and graciously helped me clean up and throw away the stuff that landed on the floor. I had not taken one bite yet, so I promptly got up to refill my plate. I was especially excited about the poppy seed muffins (mine had met its demise on the carpet), only to find out they were all gone! (Had I known this, I seriously would have eaten the one off the floor-5 second rule, right?!). After returning to the table, I sat down, only to have my knee hit the table leg which sloshed Amy’s coffee all over the table and all over her materials. So-there’s a glimpse of my morning.

Claudia then stood to take us through a lesson on intentional living. At one point during her presentation, she asked us to get down on our knees right where we were to pray. As I knelt, I almost laughed. Crumbs were all around me. I was literally kneeling in my own mess. This tickled me, because, isn’t that right where we are supposed to kneel? I sometimes forget that. In fact, more often than not, I try to hide my mess, even from God. I’m embarrassed of those around me seeing my mess and knowing that I’m not perfect. I’m afraid of being viewed in a different light once others know exactly what my mess is made of.

And while my literal mess of spilled food was an accident, most of the messes in my life are a direct result of (bad) choices I’ve made. Those of us in the Ruth study are learning that God even redeems us from bad choices. Thank you God, for cleaning up my messes and even using them for your glory.

I hope the rest of your week is virtually mess free. But if it’s not, remember, God wants you to kneel right where you are!

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