Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Words

The popular website, My One Word, that is promoting reducing your New Year's resolution to one word has struck my fancy.  I love the idea.  So, I started mulling over what my one word would be for the year of two thousand and eleven and I narrowed it down to two words: content and courageous.  Interestingly, my mental tug-o-war between these two words explain my stuck-in-the-mud state of the heart.

On the one hand, I want to be content.  I do not want to be motivated by discontentment, searching for something to satisfy me that ultimately only God will satiate.  I want to find joy in the Lord in whatever circumstances, tasks, or situations I find myself in.

On the other hand, I want to be courageous.  I do not want to be stagnant and complacent in serving the Lord.  I want my faith to be so alive that I unashamedly and fearlessly obey God's voice to reach out with God's love to the people around me.

Suddenly, I realize that contentment and courage collide and I feel as though I am at a fork in the road and I do not know which way to go.  If I pursue contentment, there is no need to act courageously and step out of my comfort zone.  If I pursue courage, I cannot be swayed by my contentment in my present situation thus finding no motive to take risks.

Claudia's welcome message at church this morning posed the question, "What's the next right thing to do?".  Instead of throwing my hands up in defeat when I face a spiritual dilemma, I need to stop and ask myself what is the next right thing to do.  Essentially contentment and courage are both excellent attitudes to pursue and of course I need to practice both virtues. The next right thing for me to do is live out of love with a servant's heart in my home with contentment in Jesus until God calls me to step out in faith and be courageous.

What is your 'one word'?  Maybe you have two words.  What is the next right step for you?  Please share!

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Perhaps contentment and courage do meet at a crossroads when we blaze our own trails. But as sheep following our Great Shepherd, I believe contentment and courage step obediently hand in hand along His paths of righteousness... Content in the care, protection, provision, purposes and glory of the Shepherd whether charging courageously into valleys of darkness to confront evil with love and light or, on the contrary, courageously trudging through daily-routine, well-worn ruts of life...all the while fixing our hearts on the only source of real contentment and courage, the Lord Jesus Christ. :)

My one word resolution for 2011 is be a better lover of God and people.

Basically, living an intential daily walk hand in hand with Jesus; as He leads He will provide.

I like your word: "love"!

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