Monday, January 24, 2011

Created to Crave

Hang On!

Recently, in light of focusing on finding my contentment in Christ, I have thought about how we crave all kinds of things from relationships to food to success to excitement to rest to materials.  Sometimes we try to find contentment by attempting to satisfy our cravings when in the end only God will bring true satisfaction to the deep desires of our soul.  After all my ponderings, I decided to write a poem.

Created to Crave

Formless and void in the Artist's hands,

He carefully followed the Author's plans.

Deep within His bottomless soul,

He gave the Dust life leaving a hole.

The vacancy required a certain key

A built in craving fulfilled by He.

Without Him the wanting Creation ached

Starving for the One their life was at stake.

The fruit of His labor withered so thin

Rashly pursuing an unrelenting win.

Nothing that rested upon the earth

Satisfied that which was given at birth.

A hollow crafted with loving skill

Throbbed recklessly for temporary fill.

Erecting walls of stubborn pride

A silent shack holding hostage inside.

Release arose, breaking the chains,

At humble surrender to Him who was slain.

Still and yielded to His steady hand,

The tailored key fulfilled it's designed plan.

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