Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Who knew a blanket of snow would warm the cockles of this California girl's heart?

Last weekend it snowed four inches. As I was driving to the Ladies Christmas breakfast, joy overflowed in my heart life rooftop icicles. The sights surrounding me were breathtaking. I had to pull over. Whipping my camera out I snapped away.

What wonderful sights:
Birch trees peeling back their skin.
White-capped branches hanging low.
Kids playfully pummeling snowballs.

Then yesterday morning as I was driving to meet a friend at Starbucks, another sight captured my heart. I noticed hundreds of twigs sticking up out of the snow. Nothing spectacular you might say, but it was one of the most magnificent sights I've ever seen. The sunlight was shining on them and reflecting the light in such a way it looked like a million diamonds sparkling!!

Moments like that leave me breathless, speechless and in awe of a God who creates the most beautiful moments no camera could ever recreate. 
I didn't even try.  

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