Monday, November 29, 2010

The Master Weaver

Looking back on my life, I view a beautiful tapestry.

I do now; I didn't then.

It took time to weave.

The time when my heart was hanging by a thread; God held the spool securely in His hands.

The time when my life was unraveling before my eyes; God was replacing old, broken thread with new.

The time when all I could see were frayed edges and flaws; God was refining His design.

The time when all I saw were black braids; He added bursts of color.

The time when I didn't understand the bigger picture; His intricate pattern was unfolding before His eyes.

The time when I didn't think the pieces fit; He stitched them together perfectly.

The time of dry patches; God was sitting back admiring His handiwork.

Now I can, too.

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This is worded sooo well. I am trying to make a short video using the poem The Master Weaver. Anyway appreciate your blog and thoughts. Blessings, Cindy Ahlgrim

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