Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Out to Sea

Cordage of the cares of life twine

'Round about this heart of mine...

And creep into my thoughts at night

Invade my soul and choke it tight.

Then one day my toes touched sand

Along the shore beside my man

And rode a bike built just for two

Then watched the sun drop out of view.

In one short while I was astounded

My vines of woe could not be "founded".

Somehow they slipped away from me

And silently drifted out to sea.


How grand 'twould be to go about

With no fears, no woes, no doubt.

With heart at peace and mind at rest

My disposition at its best.

Then these words I did recall

An invitation for one, for all.

"Give Me Your cares," My Jesus said,

"Lie down in peace upon your bed.

For I am greater than the sea.

Let go, let woes drift up to Me!"

(Written on Sanibel Island and dedicated to my sweet Savior, Jesus Christ, and my sweet  husband, Phillip, of 33 years)  Jill

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I love this poem! So comforting!

Thanks, Rebecca! Thank You, Jesus, the One who inspires hearts and souls! :)

Beautiful...I wish I could feel that way. So many days I give it up to God but I then take it back right away.

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