Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three in the Nest…Then there were None!

To say spring of 2004 was BUSY is quite the understatement! Homeschooling our youngest son his senior year of high school, planning our first born and only daughter's wedding, cheering on the middle child who had recently transferred from a local community college to play football at a small Presbyterian school in Tennessee, as well as trying not to neglect my sweet husband occupied every waking moment of my days.

(In the dawn of November 5, 1981, while holding our beautiful newborn baby girl in my arms, my husband and I agreed that I would be an "at home mom". In the 22 1/2 years that followed, although sometimes challenging, I never once regretted that decision and will forever cherish that season of life "in the land of the living".)

The wedding was blessed, spring practice ended and the high school diploma was in hand; then the winds of change soon began to blow. The high school graduate left for Parris Island with the US Marine Corp, two days later the newlyweds moved to Indiana and a few weeks after that, the college student returned to football and classes in Tennessee.

Our little nest that had been so joyfully full was suddenly empty and very, very quiet. A well meaning friend gave me Beth Moore's "Feathers from My Nest". I couldn't even read the title without crying! That summer, I was sad, my husband was mad but God…my God was glad!

One silent morning as I stared at the black leather cover of my Bible, I asked aloud, "Now what Lord?" From the stillness came His gentle voice, "I have a plan for you…to give you a future and a hope (Jer. 29:11)…write what I tell you to write and teach the women I send you."

That fall and in the years since, came "The Father's Wisdom for His Beloved Daughters", "The Prodigal's Mother", "When You Hear the Sound of Marching in the Tops of the Balsam Trees", "Sheep in Wolves Clothing", and other Bible studies that have been shared with moms, teenagers, grandmothers, college co-eds, prisoners, singles and women from all walks of life.

Life comes in seasons. Within each season are joys and sorrows. Our faithful God has a good plan for every season! Embrace Him and embrace His plan! (God, hubby and I are dancing in the empty nest!!!)

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Jill, "Three in the Nest" really ministered to me and this season I am going through. God definitely used you to bring encouragement to me.

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