Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Lasting Impression

Over the last few weeks, Main Stream has received some incredible examples of what a Lasting Impression is! In fact, the lasting impression submissions were all so unique and creative that each entry is worthy to be posted. It may, in fact, be beneficial to share all the submissions on Main Stream in the near future. Thank you everyone who took the time, effort, and heart to share! In the end, one Lasting Impression had to be chosen as a featured post on Main Stream's grand opening day and this submission is sure to touch your heart. Hats off to you, Melissa! Your story is a very beautiful example of a lasting impression!


During WWII an 18-year-old man had two lasting impressions put onto his arms. A tattoo of a herd of horses on one forearm, and a tattoo of a scantily clad woman on the other forearm. As a young, strong, and seemingly invincible man, these were the images that were important to him...what a young man who had survived the storming of Normandy wanted to portray to the world.

Three years later that man became a father. Another two years later, he became a Christian. Whether he ever considered removing the tattoos is unknown, but as his life changed, those tattoos continued to be one of the first impressions he made on strangers.

But those impressions were quickly overshadowed by another impression for many. The strangers that he helped noticed the kindness in his voice. The family that he loved noticed the twinkle in his eye. Fellow church members noticed his sacrifice and willingness to use his talents.

He raised a daughter that he knew wasn't his. He went without lunch for 10 years, slowly saving up that money to present his wife with a 1-carat diamond on their anniversary, because she had married him without a ring and he wanted her to have a symbol of his love. As if the ring itself could even be a shadow of the sacrifice of 10 years of scraping and saving. He stepped in to be a father to the fatherless, a friend to the lonely, and a help to the needy.

To all those around him, he was the love of God living, breathing, and working through a kind and strong man who was willing to follow God in even the smallest way.

60 years ago, a young man who didn't know God had two impressions permanently added to his skin, but today that man has permanently impressed on many the love of God.

by Melissa Bower

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