Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

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Wow, this is a hard one. One of my favorite things has to be this handmade cheerbear my mom made me when i was four or five. I wanted a Cheerbear that year SOOOO bad, and mom couldn't find one for me anywhere. So, she found a pattern and made me one, complete with the heart on the bottom and the tuft of hair. It has been repaired and restuffed, and still sits in my bedroom on my dresser, all these years later.

One of my most prized possessions is my Grandma's button collection. I remember playing with the button jar every time we would go visit Grandma Smith. She kept her buttons in a Maxwell House coffee jar, glass with a red lid, in the kitchen cabinet with all the magazines. After Grandma died my mom asked if there was anything that I would like to have. I said I want the button jar. Today the button jar sits on the book shelf in my living room as a reminder to the joy I found trying to match buttons at my Grandma's years ago.

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