Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Everyone is looking for something. It's been said we are 'lookin' for love', searching for significance, desiring the thrill of adventure, waiting for our Prince Charming, longing to be protected, etc., etc., etc. My little girl displays fundamentally core feminine tendencies without restraint. As her mother and sister female who has inherited the same sugar-and-spice predispositions, I am fascinated by her and take joy in observing her unreserved expressions of pure girlhood which reflect my own suppressed longings deep within. Quite honestly, I am inclined to brush aside these propensities of deep desires and some days even inclined to deny them all together. Just yesterday, my little princess wanted to wear a lovely pink flower necklace to complete her razzle-dazzle adornments in a game of dress-up. I fastened the tiny clasp and off she went, skipping back to play, completely content with her sweet little pretty around her neck. To my surprise, not even five minutes later, she came back dragging her feet, begging me to take the dainty piece of jewelry off of her small neck. I furrowed my brow not understanding why she would want to remove such an adorable piece of jewelry and so soon! I eventually gave up trying to convince her to keep the beautiful ornament about her neck and reluctantly consented to remove what she considered to be an annoyance. After unfastening the flower charm and setting her loose, she resumed her skip but this time sang triumphantly (and I quote) "FREEEEEE! My neck is free!!!"
One very prominent desire we all long for in this world is freedom. Freedom to express, freedom to live, freedom from the worries in this life, FREEDOM! How ironic that many times we are the culprit of weighing ourselves down and enslaving ourselves to avoidable burdens. Oh, to be as sensitive as my little girl who was able to recognize the unnecessary weight that hung around her neck. Instead, we attempt to independently carry around needless baggage until we can hardly lift our chin off of our chest. I want to be like my daughter who recongnized that her necklace was unnecessary and she could take it off (at least with the help of her loving mommy).

Father, open my heart and mind to see the things that weigh me down that You can lift from my neck. Help me not to carry unnecessary burdens that hinder me from being all that You created me to be. Teach me to depend on You, my Rescuer, whose power unlocks the chains from this world and grants me freedom to live an abundant life only found in You, Jesus, my Redeemer.
Isaiah 52:2 "Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, O Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, O captive Daughter of Zion."

(Additional resource: http://www.churchofthehighlands.com/ August sermon series "Baggage")

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